Assurance and auditing

Kantor Akuntan Publik Tanubrata Sutanto Fahmi dan Rekan is a member of BDO Indonesia which provides assurance and auditing services. At KAP TSFR audit is not just a statutory requirement but beyond that we deliver value added by recognising major issues affecting your business and providing new perspective that will improve your business. With rapid changes in today’s business world, companies face new and increasingly complex risks. As part of our audit process, it is our role to assist clients in making sense of their business and financial risk and provide suggestions on how these risks can be best addressed and mitigated. Our risk-based audit approach which is developed under BDO Audit Methodology focuses on business drivers, the associated risks and potential effects on the financial statements. We also assist you in identifying areas for improvement in your internal control system and its implementation,,,, KLIK DISINI


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